Streaming media is what all the cool kids are talking about, but what the heck is it and why should you care?

Simply, it allows you to download movies, TV shows, music and websites onto your TV so you can watch them on that nice big screen right from the internet. The key advantage is that you can download your favorite stuff anytime you want. Here's just a few popular options the team at Colorado Hi-Fi can install for you.
Apple TV and iTunes Home Theater Integration
iTunes Integration you say? Yes! iTunes is now compatible with many audio/video systems. Now is the time to start. Connect your very own iTunes with your home audio system. Like renting movies from Apple, but don't like watching them on your laptop? Play movies, post photos, view your contacts and much more with Apple TV.

Do you have an iPad/iPhone with hundreds of songs in your iTunes account? Wish you could play all those songs through you're home audio system? Well, you can. With many mainstream audio systems becoming Apple compatible theirs no reason you can't with Colorado Hi-Fi. It's easy to sync and if you can turn on a TV, you can now play your iTunes library through your home audio system. Being able to flip through songs with your smart phone or iPad from anywhere in the house is really fun and you'll never know what you did before.
YouTube on your own HDTV
Now millions of videos can be at your fingertips. Watch the latest crazy online sensation or browse product demos, lectures and video interviews. YouTube is owned by Google and the power of their network makes it easy for Colorado Hi-Fi to get YouTube direct to your HD TV.
Roku Streaming Player
With Roku, get instant access to tons of entertainment — with more choices added all the time. Netflix, Hulu and more gives you near instant access to all the latest TV shows and movies. Affordable and easy to use, Colorado Hi-Fi can have you up and streaming your favorite movies in no time.
NetFlix is not just DVDs anymore.
The company that changed how movies get rented is now offering streaming. This allows you to "rent" the movie instantly to your home theater. Colorado Hi-Fi can get you all setup with NetFlix and ensure your movies look the best and sound great.
Boxee Streaming Player
Just plug this little guy into your TV connect to the Internet and you’re set to watch your favorite shows and movies from the Internet on your flat-screen TV. Colorado Hi-Fi helps you get all setup so there's no brain damage, except from all the shows you'll be watching.
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